Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Through The Garden Gate Inspiration

Once I heard about the white painted furniture that Through The Garden Gate had to offer, I knew I needed to make a visit to this vintage, antique shop. 
After all, I was looking for a bedside table.

This place was filled with pink depression glass (my favorite, but I used restraint), painted furniture and framed mirrors. The best was saved for last- several rooms were filled with my kind of inspiration! It was like walking into a dream-- mason jars with candles were hung from the ceiling by twine- burlap and other neutral fabrics were draped over beds and chairs.

 Maybe my house will look like this one day.

Mason jars suspended with candles in sand

Painted branches

I'll take one of these! (fancy bench to throw my clothes over)

Ornament ideas

Paper flowers

Fabric covered tack board in panel of door

Mantel- more is better?

Fabric woven through shade frame

I left with a white, distressed bedside table, salt and pepper shakers (in the shape of birds) and the most delicious smelling candle- vanilla cake :)
Don't worry, I'll share with you. Check for photos of my purchases in the next couple of days!