Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Kitchen Command Center

This kitchen command center includes a cork board covered with fabric to pin up notes. There are two strands of grey sheer ribbon with white clothes pins to clip up grocery lists and coupons... all to help you get your life organized!

A Pair of Framed Mirrors

These framed mirrors were originally a dark wood which I painted white.

After covering the mirrors to protect them, I lightly sanded down the wood to allow the primer and paint to stick.

Without even planning it, the paint crackled in a couple of places and I decided to go with it and keep it that way!

Almost done after a clear varnish finish.

To finish them off, I glued on beads and buttons!

Earring Frame

I first painted this frame a gold metallic paint... and then decided to paint it white.

After the white paint dried, I sanded the frame a bit to give it a distressed look. I sprayed on a clear varnish to finish it off.

Then I used a staple gun to secure the wire mesh which will be used to hold many earrings!

To add more interest, I glued on beads.

Simple Picnic Blanket

How to make a simple picnic blanket.... I took muslin and cut it down to about 5'x6'. I finished off the edges and then sewed on a toasted colored tulle, gathering it a bit to make a ruffle boarder.